GARTAM LTD is leading Art Investment in a new concept way. We invest in private equity in Art System. We manage private and pooled investment. We can build for our costumers (investors, collectors, artists) single or multiple investment plan with different structures overwide. We can set up your investment in Uk, UE, Usa, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malta, Luxemburg, Gibraltar, Singapore, Monaco, Cayman Island, BVI, Panama, Belize and others. We work only with top lawyers and top accountants. We are not the usually advisor. We don’t love numbers. We prefer color the investments. Let’s do it, with you.





PRIVATE INVESTMENT: we can set up your private fund everywhere.

POOLED INVESTMENT: you can start with a minimum investment and try our strategy.

COCCLU INVESTMENT: you need to be a top collector to be part of the Contemporary Collector’s Club.

3A CONVIVIUM INVESTMENTS: you need to be institutional and/or HNWI to take part into 3A Convivium Investments.



We are focused on Alternative Art Investment, we manage investment in start up, companies, entire collections and properties. We work only with top advisors, top clients, top projects world wide.

Our Alternative Art Investments are promoted by 3A Fund Service.